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Z-Command is a z-wave home automation system. Z-Command is available in two packages: software download and pre-installed in an Embedded Windows device (GX1). With the device edition, there is no need to keep a PC running. Both editions feature the same user-friendly, intuitive and web-accessible user interface; built-in scripting engine and web service API allowing the end-user to build customized z-wave applications using C#, VB.NET or Java.

Z-Command's automation via email/sms feature let's the user operate the home automation system by email/text messaging.To turn on the front porch light, simply send "FrontPorchLight Level On" or "Thermostat1 ThermostatMode Cool" to turn on the air conditioner and set it to cool. The command email can contain multiple instructions and a confirmation is sent back by Z-Command.


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  • No need to keep your computer running (GX1)
  • Detachable inclusion controller makes it easy to setup and modify your Z-Wave network
  • User access control; users can be limited to specific devices. For example, this feature will ensure that a child only has access to devices in his/her room
  • More...

Coming soon...

Native iPhone app for Z-Command.


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